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It sounds as though Coe Sr acknowledged Benjamin Franklin Blansett as his descendant, but is there anything specific about him claiming to be little Frank's grandfather? The birth date I have for Jane is abt based on census data, and the birth date I have for Benjamin F Coe from the census Schuyer Co Mo, in which his age was 55 was Can you verify Coe Sr's birth date? Jane did later marry David Watkins who was born inGlencoe New Mexico japanese girl we know age was not much of a factor to her, but I just want to verify what facts we can.

This really doesn't distinguish between the versions, but it does help explain why Benjamin Franklin Sr would be available to "come over and visit," and also makes plausible the idea that Frank Jr might have "slipped back to Missouri in or to get Jane in a family way Did HE Glencoe New Mexico japanese girl a will? This is an interesting puzzle that will never be completely solved, but it is fun to do the sleuthing.

My source of Jane Blansett's age was Norman Blansett's information. He has her birth listed as In checking the Schulyer County census, I see that her birth is listed as That puts her more in Frank Coe's age group; he was born Oct. During the Coes' stay in San Juan County, George states that he "decided to sell out and go back to my old home in Missouri.

Al Coe from Penasco, New Mexico, was there also. He said as they arrived back in Lincoln County he overheard the Cook Islands sexy teen girls of "There goes old George Coe.

He was Billy the Kid's best friend. Attached photo can been at the right. Carl Coe, Janet Wright, and others From: Sabrina Petersen.

This Glencoe New Mexico japanese girl all very interesting! I think Janet is correct, we will never know for sure, but at least we can piece a few things together. Benjamin Franklin Blansett was born May 1, He died November 30, in Washington State. Most of his adult life, he was known as "Frank". He never talked about either of his parents.

He had a falling out with his Mother Jane Glencoe New Mexico japanese girl he was about 16 years old.

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My Grandmother Frank's daughter-in-law did genealogy, and him about his family, but besides giving the names, he would say no more. He told her it was none of her business. She did not leave it at this, and she wrote many relatives in Missouri to Intimate encounter personals out more. The letter that I had jappanese mentioned, was one of these correspondences that were passed down Glencoe New Mexico japanese girl my parents.

All I have is a synopsis from this letter, and the fact that it was written by a "Great Aunt". As a side note, I have inherited the next generation of genealogy.

So some of the references japxnese either my parents or my Grandmother have are sometimes not completely GGlencoe. I will have my parents dig this letter out, and send on a copy as soon as possible. Obviously there are some flaws in this story, but it is still interesting, so I thought I would Glencoe New Mexico japanese girl it along. I have looked though the family pictures Married women looking hot sex Yonkers I have scanned, but there are no pictures of Benjamin Franklin when he was young.

I will look through some old albums as well, to see if I can find anything. This photo was taken in It is a fascinating story so far. I'm looking forward to the next revelation! Thank you very much for the kind reply and the photo of Benjamin Franklin Blansett. There is certainly nothing in his appearance that would prevent him Free west Celaya pussy being Frank Coe's son.

But then again my Japanese friends ggirl me they think we all look alike. Jane Blansett Gldncoe believed Benjamin Franklin Coe to be her son's father to give him Frank's name.

Do you see any family japqnese Attached photo of George Washington Coe can been seen farther Glencoe New Mexico japanese girl on this webpage. Your mention of Benjamin Franklin Blansett's birth date rang a bell. He was born May 7,most likely to Julia Ann Crapson, a year-old single woman who lived a couple of japanee from the Coes.

He changed his name to Coe before He lived at Cairo, MO, at the time of marriage. With brown hair, blue eyes, medium height and build, Luther named Osborne M. He married May 4,Louisa Mexco. He died May 11,in Queen City. Crapson, age 14, is living in the home of his mother Susanna Duvall Crapson. The father Greenberry Crapson died in William A. The next county south is Wetzel County, named for frontiersman Lewis Wetzel. Lewis Wetzel Coe married Elvira A. Brown, Dec. No parents are listed on the death certificate.

The cause of death is listed as heart disease. The funeral was conducted at 6: Carl Coe, Janet Wright and others From: I just spoke with Nw Father. They are still looking for the letter, but he did clarify Glencoe New Mexico japanese girl it was from. She lived in Missouri her entire life. My Father also remember one other thing. He said that when his ajpanese Frank Blansett was 17 or so, he went to New Mexico, to "visit his father".

If Benjamin Franklin Sr. He returned after about 6 months, and Talk to sexey girl on cam for free Meridian only ja;anese he japansee said about it was, "I'll just make it on my own.

Tweeti Blancett. Bet the Coes and Blancetts knew each pretty well, since Moses Blancett was appointed by Lew Wallace as a territorial Housewives wants sex tonight LA Saint landry 71367 for this area. Tuesday, January 03, Sabrina Petersen, Carl Robert Coe.

That's her. She married a man named George Ball. I do not have a birth date for Glencoe New Mexico japanese girl, but Glencoe New Mexico japanese girl apparently died in a mining accident November 9, They had two children, Frank and Caleb. Sabrina Petersen, Janet Wright and others From: Carl Coe. Glencoe New Mexico japanese girl are a few books with information on Frank and George Coe. Additionally, I have actually attached the photo of George to this email. Book listing can be found at the bottom of this webpage.

Attached picture can be seen at the right. Coe - Submitted by Carl Glebcoe Date: Sabrina Petersen, Janet Wright and others. I have been asked about dates of birth and death so that databases Mexoco be updated.

I would be happy to provide information. Later in life he went to Farmington, NM, where he died June 28, Lewis Wetzel, b. Settled on the Ruidoso River in New Mexico. Mahala, b. July 13, James Austin, b. Albert M. Mary Ellen, b. Zubah Jane, b. Benjamin Franklin "Frank," b. Father of Benjamin Franklin Blansett, b. May 1,Schuyler County, MO. Enlisted Sept. John Glenncoe. He married 1 Nov.

Seemster; 4 Nov. Benjamin Franklin, b.

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Maria Jane twinb. George Washington Coe, b. July 13,at Brighton, IA. Houghton Mifflin, Sarah Elizabeth, b.

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March 17, Mary Frances, b. Glencoe New Mexico japanese girl 9,Glencoe New Mexico japanese girl Jefferson County, IA. Margaret Ellen, b. Thomas Richardson twinb. This is an extraordinary family. Towards the bottom of this webpage are links to a lot of the above famous people related to the Coe family. Frank Coe was later tried and acquitted of Roberts' murder. In the jpaanese "Young Guns," Doc Scurlock is shown loosing his finger in the battle. Sheree Blansett Hutson To: Letter from Lola Blansett Ball re: Jane Blansett and Frank Coe.

After talking to my sister Sabrina last night, I read some of the emails between ja;anese regarding Jane Blansett and Frank Coe. I made a photocopy of the original japxnese sometime in the 's. The original was in my parent's possession, but they haven't been able to find it lately, so my copy may be the only one in existence. I have attached scanned copies for you to Fords NJ adult personals on the Blansett website.

On the first page of the letter there is a notation right Glenfoe the words "Dear Cousin.

It is a note to myself to tell me who the letter was addressed Glencoe New Mexico japanese girl. I got this information from my father, Seth Blansett. In the body of the letter Lola refers to various relatives. All the references to "my father" and "my father's aunt" can get a bit confusing. I have notes that say who I believe those people to be, although Sabrina may have more current information. I've retyped the relevant portions of the letter here with the names added in parentheses:.

Paragraph Glencoe New Mexico japanese girl I knew my father Benjamin Franklin Blansett had a sister Mary Jane Blansett, illegitimate daughter of Solomon Bass and Jane Blansett and adopted by Beeler in but that is all, my father's Aunt Lucinda Chambers daughter of Peter and Margaret Blansett -who was Jane Blansett's sister had told me tthat, and said her mother ageve her away to some people Beeler Paragraph 3: Below are the Hardyville VA bi horny wives pages of the letter.

Just click on the small thumbnail picture Glencoe New Mexico japanese girl see the full-sized version. This is a hard-bound, limited edition, library-quality, two-volume set. The definitive work on Coes with Southern roots, it is simply a must for every Coe family, those related to them and for those interested in the history of this unique American family.

The page index makes locating literally thousands of Coes and hundreds of persons of other surnames nearly effortless. Fully documented.

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Levin H. William H. Coe, last gunfighter killed Mexicoo Wild Bill Hickok. Contact author Carl Coe about obtaining your own copy. Websites that contain more Coe and Blansett family Glencoe New Mexico japanese girl information: Carl Coe provided these links and Casual Dating OK Chelsea 74016 for more infomation about "famous" people related to the Coe families: Note from Carl Coe: The real story of Captain Coe has never been told.

All articles I have read about him are wrong. He was actually Cyrenius J.

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When all was said and done and the deeds of Coe and his gang were revealed in court, The Colorado Tribune declared "The case disclosed Glencoe New Mexico japanese girl history and romance of crime that has not been excelled in the west.

Last Update: March 05, Carl Coe Hello Carl: COE family. Benjamin Glencoe New Mexico japanese girl Coe Woman seeking hot sex Tuskegee. Thanks for the information. You may want to rattle this skeleton and see if Naughty housewives wants casual sex Sterling Heights people are correct.

Norman Blansett Date: Benjamin Franklin Coe, Jr. Norman, Very nice to hear from Glencoe New Mexico japanese girl. Frank is Benjamin Franklin Coe, born Oct. He is thought to be the father of Benjamin Franklin Blansett. Knopf,p. Lou is Lewis Wetzel Coe, born Dec.

Went to New Mexico with his brothers and cousin in the s. Possibly father of Luther Edward Crapson Coe. Janet, Very nice to hear from you. Frank Coe died in September on his Ruidoso ranch. Benjamin Franklin Coe apparently moved to Farmington to be with his sons who had moved there in Oct. Frank Coe returned to Lincoln County where he stood trial for murder; was acquitted and returned to San Juan in July with the threshing machine mentioned in Tweeti's email.

Left to Right: According to George, enroute Albert decided to return home. Frank then elected to join a buffalo hunting party. Albert returned to New Mexico the following year and established a hauling service between Fort Union and Fort Stanton. He made a enough money in the process to purchase a ranch on the Sugarite.

He was joined there by Jasper Coe and his wife Ada Pottstown pa milf.

Swinging. Saunders, who he had married Aug.

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They were joined there Aug. Brown, who he married Dec. According to George, Frank Coe Glencoe New Mexico japanese girl joined the family on the Sugarite in the summer of So, where was Frank from the time he joined the Mature women offering sex Reno hunt in and when he joined the family on the Sugarite in August ?

Benjamin "Frank" Coe, Jr. I also have heard a very romantic version of the Frank Coe and Jane Blansett tryst. This came from a trip that Mary Jane Minard. Jane Blansett's and Solomon Bass's daughter, which she gave to a distant relative to raise when the child was around 3 years old. In aboutMary Jane went to Missouri to try to find some of her relatives. She did Glencoe New Mexico japanese girl the Bass's and some Blansett's not sure Glencoe New Mexico japanese girl ones.

Some of the Bass children remembered Jane and remembered the happenings. Their account told of how Jane worked at the Coe family house. That she and Frank had met and fell in love. Then Jane became pregnant. Please send your feedback to editor DiscoverNikkei. New Mexicans were celebrating their racial and cultural diversity long before most other Americans.

Asian American Culture and Heritage in Albuquerque, New Mexico

This part of the Southwest is the ancestral homeland of a variety of Indian people, including the Pueblo, Navajo, Apache, and Comanche. This great mixing of humanity certainly spawned some epic conflicts, from the Pueblo Revolt of through the wars against the Navajo and Apache in the late s. On the whole, however, New Mexico has earned its reputation as a place where diversity rules and racists fair poorly.

This famed landscape provides a unique backdrop for studying Japanese Americans in the West. Few came to settle here, and no more than Nikkei were counted by census-takers between and Despite that, New Mexico joined other states in passing an alien land law and supporting Glencoe New Mexico japanese girl immigration restrictions in the s.

That said, the low settlement figures closely resemble those of Nevada, Arizona, Wyoming, and Texas. If prejudice had its effects, it seems that no sizable anti-Japanese movement ever existed Glencoe New Mexico japanese girl.

Japanese immigrants, the Issei, were slow to discover New Mexico. The US Census counted only eight, but the figure increased to by Lured mainly by coal-mining jobs, hundreds of Issei undoubtedly passed through New Mexico in that decade. Most worked in the mines around Gallup, Madrid, and Raton. Other Japanese contract workers harvested sugar beets in some of the valleys north of Santa Fe. Through the second decade, some found permanent work in the mines and on the railroads of New Mexico, and a few Japanese moved into Glencoe New Mexico japanese girl.

A Ladies seeking sex Osage Wyoming of Japanese women also Glencoe New Mexico japanese girl, becoming the cornerstones of small, family-based communities that dotted the map by These pioneer couples gave birth to a second, Nisei generation that would soon outnumber the Issei in New Mexico.

Powerful forces worked against Japanese settlers of the West, as explained elsewhere.

Federal immigration laws and the alien land laws in particular stifled ambitions in New Mexico. Mechem received a mass of anti-Japanese propaganda and instruction from the editor of the Sacramento Bee Glencoe New Mexico japanese girl, V.

McClatchy, and pushed his lawmakers to act. Only a few Japanese families had acquired New Mexico japnaese prior to A dozen or so Japanese farmers did help to pioneer agriculture in Wife seeking sex AR Horseshoe bend 72512 still under-developed Mesilla and Las Cruces jaanese.

They arrived in the late teens to plant traditional crops like wheat, corn, beans, and sugar beets. The Tashiro and Nakayama families built thriving operations that survived a general exodus during the Great Depression and expanded well into the s.

One Nisei of the clan, Roy M. A few Glencoe New Mexico japanese girl, like the Togami, Yonemoto, Ebina, and Mizunuma families, migrated into New Mexico during the s and s to lease land and farm around Bluewater, Grants, and Albuquerque.

In the prewar decades, however, railroad work sustained more Nikkei jaapnese than farming, which was unusual. The Santa Fe Railway alone employed scores of Japanese trackmen and craft workers in its repair shops. Western railroads also favored Japanese section foremen to supervise track maintenance crews of mixed ethnicity in this period.

In the immediate aftermath of the attack, the Department of Justice sent confused signals Lagunitas-CA sex personals to whether Glencoe New Mexico japanese girl nationals could continue working.

This development caused extreme hardships for a significant number of Japanese New Mexicans. The Japanese families of Gallup received especially kind treatment Glemcoe local residents and officials, who reportedly banned together and signed a petition to resist any efforts to intern the local Japanese.

Incredibly, Gallup High School students elected two Nisei students as senior class presidents Glencoe New Mexico japanese girl the war.

Most eligible Nisei sons of the state, in turn, served with the famed Regimental Combat Team.

By luck or design, that devastating line of exclusion that wrecked so many lives on the West Coast and in Arizona stopped abruptly at the New Mexico border. Newspapers and other period documents also testify to some increased anti-Japanese wartime sentiment. A great many New Mexicans, stationed in the Philippines, suffered through the Bataan Death March and years of abuse in Japanese prison camps, which generated misplaced fears, anger, and frustration that lingered.

Racial hatred also surfaced over a plan to establish farming colonies in New Mexico for tens of thousands of Japanese Americans being forcibly expelled Glencoe New Mexico japanese girl the West Coast. The plan failed, but federal authorities did build two large internment camps in New Mexico on the outskirts of Santa Fe and Lordsburg.

Unlike the larger mass relocation camps, the official internment camps were creations of the Department of Justice, the Immigration and Naturalization Service, and the Army. The Lordsburg camp held about internees by Glencoe New Mexico japanese girl, guarded by Military Police units of the Army.

The prisoners held in Santa Fe and Lordsburg represented the economic, intellectual, and creative elite of the Mexicl American community—businessmen, writers, japanesw, artists, teachers, former military officers, and community leaders.

The government treated the internees like prisoners of war and basically ran the camps by the rules of the Geneva Convention. Living japamese were crude, but relatively few problems occurred. The history of the Lordsburg camp was punctuated, however, by Neq shooting death of two Glencoe New Mexico japanese girl and aged Issei insaid to be trying to escape, and a brief riot disrupted camp operations in Santa Fe for a time in A handful of Kibei in the group American-born Nisei educated in Japan began to intimidate some of the peaceful Issei internees and engage in pro-Japan activities, prompting a minor revolt and Housewives seeking casual sex Oakdale NewYork 11769 crackdown by authorities.

The Bataan saga and the building of the atomic bombs here created other uncomfortable links between New Mexico and Japan through From the s to the present, Japanese Americans have made additional contributions to the fabled, multicultural landscape of New Mexico.

Noteworthy individuals made an impact in the areas of agriculture and education, Glencoe New Mexico japanese girl and architecture, Rockledge fl xxx sex service and civic affairs. Some testimonies to this include: Links between the Sister Cities of Albuquerque and Sasebo, Nagasaki Prefecture, were forged in and remain strong.