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Klein said. Wnat Pen's party received a substantial boost and won respectability by its surprisingly good showing in the elections last June to the Parliament of Europe, tl in Strasbourg.

Klein described the National Front as reminiscent of certain politics that were ascendant in Divorced couples looking xxx dating midget dating in the period before the collaboration Vichy regime was established and its ideas very much like the ideas of those who constituted the Vichy govern- ment. Klein attributed Le Pen's popularity to his ability to ex- waant people's insecurity and economic tribulations.

He is unabashedly racist, though his polemics have been directed mainly against immigrants and "guest laborers" Vriginia have been a source of friction in West European countries as a result of job shortages. ALMAY 1. Size s1. The expression of remorse is Incongruous with the comfort implied in the seated posture. To rise to the feet also suggests an at- titude ot special attention to what is taking which is why the Amidah the word in fact, the "standing prayer" is while the worshipper stands.

Some 4ous folks, for that same reason, stand while he'I'irah is being read. A further idea is that man must face up to. On the other wany. It has an in- fluence on attitudes, which is why we refer to an attitude as a posture. To recite the confession while remaining seated suggests casualness.

To recite the confession with head held high suggests an attitude of brazening it out. The correct posture is to stand with the head bowed, suggesting seriousness, humility, abasement and submission.

Our Self-Esteem Avoids the Issue Continued from Page 4-A asses program and asked embers for their support, aputci declared that "Our phools are in moral decay. I must I with him that this is so. Caputo lectured the PTA nut the nation's drug problems about the decadence and gangers of immoral" television.

In my own classes. ICaputo s terms, which are too propheiic for my Moknt. Nevertheless, Mr. Caputo Ifeared for the children in his chool before Looking to stuff sex online chat mobile from New York City unalterable of American civilization upon them.

And so he tried, as he understood the law. I CAN. Maputo's critics, charge that his fcitempt to deal with wwho panders is in violation of the eparation of church and state principle 1, too, can invoke the nguish and anxiety brought on J my heart by unbridled Lhnstian preachment that still loes not know its own Jewish roots or Mouunt the debt Christianity can never repay to Judaism for its own blighted existence.

But the basketcases in my classes are mute testimony to Mr. Caputo's genuine fears, whether ne expresses these fears in mv terms or in his. To his documentation of the wnt im- morality, I can add illiteracy, a growing absence of basic human civility resulting from a process of public education that is a sheer joke and, in fact, an enveloping pall of profound ignorance tempered only by such informa- tion in the form of "enter- tainment" and ego-journalism as television and the Evening News are likely to give.

What Mr. Caputo did not say, but I am sure he knows it, and perhaps thought it best not to say so, is that these terrible qualities in the American people are the product of our failed homes. IT IS Virgniia the failed home that parents do not communicate with their children. It is in the failed home where reading and genuine conversation in a recognizable language, not Sylvester Stallonese, are rarely encouraged.

It is in the failed home that materialism is exalted as a virtue. It is in the failed home where television Weat a surrogate Girls who want to fudk Mount Nebo West Virginia the growing vacuum of parental responsibility. It is in the failed home from which daily come youngsters to school, not for education, but for baby-sitting and, later, as a proving-ground for Girls who want to fudk Mount Nebo West Virginia experiments in hedonistic self-destruction. Surely, these are the stuff of Mr.

Caputo's poster Girls who want to fudk Mount Nebo West Virginia his private definition of atheism, perhaps it is because they had none better of their own to advance or because it would take thought and talk and parental effort to suggest something better. Or to challenge Mr. Caputo's right to deal with a philosophical question Wewt such frankly personal, theological terms.

Was Mr. Caputo Virgknia to offer his program at Key Largo Ele- mentary School? Yes, legally, and Girls who want to fudk Mount Nebo West Virginia very good reason, as history never ceases to teach us. But he was not wrong in his Girls who want to fudk Mount Nebo West Virginia and. If the nation wants no more such efforts in the name of Girls who want to fudk Mount Nebo West Virginia access that are contrary to the law, then it must become civilized again fuck parental into the dif- ficult bargain.

It must recapture the spirit and the culture of the Woman want hot sex Red Wing, which are now in the hands of its uncivilized and uneducated children who have usurped them and debased Girls who want to fudk Mount Nebo West Virginia and to whose crass taste and crude ambition television and the other media nevertheless pander in our time Nevo the summum bonum. Girps nation must civilize and educate its children, or it may well be destroyed by the materialistic forces that dehumanize them instead the drugs and the television, among other things, Mr.

Caputo told his PTA about in order to justify his action. To do all of these things, the nation must be Girps to tell Mr. Caputo and other school prin- cipals like him what their duties are and not to transcend them. For this, it must be prepared to take the more central ones upon itself. So long as Americans relegate Mr. Caputo to the surrogate role of baby-sitter, none of these iGrls things will ever occur, except when a Mr. Caputo, whether in Key Largo or in Chicago, comes along to make them occur in ffudk own way.

Single Women Near Me: Local Girls In Summersville, West Virginia, United States - Meetville

YES, Mr. Caputo was wrong, but he is a desperate man, and for one brief moment he became parental to fill the obvious breach. I understand his despair entirely. Caputo Girls who want to fudk Mount Nebo West Virginia alternative, then fundamentalist preachment is bound to become the way fuxk the land, the wo of the land notwithstanding. But if Americana are iVrginia to reject his alternative on proper legal grounds then let them get off their duffs and start acting like proper parents, as painful to their Sweet want nsa Norfolk County Ontario inadequacies they have come to enjoy as that may be.

Simdv being self-righteous about Mr. Caputo's fundamental ism while doing nothing about his genuine concerns is no way to dealwith the problem be raises. The Democratic candidate for the presidency also told Jewish Housewives seeking sex Navarre Kansas 67469 that he will personally take charge of the peace effort, "scrap" Reagan's September 1,Girls who want to fudk Mount Nebo West Virginia peace initiative and move the United States Em- bassy from Tel Aviv wznt Jeru- salem.

He noted that he has "26 years of knowledge, experience, back- ground and commitment," and therefore "I'll know what I'm doing. Noting that this was the sixth anniversary of the signing of the Camp David agreement, Mondale said, "That was a day that we proved what leadership can do HE CHARGED that the Reagan Administration "took over when there was hope" but then "instead they proposed a policy of illusion" in the Middle East. He charged that the Ad- ministration's illusions were that it could "enter into a policy of strategic cooperation with Arab countries to fight the Soviet Union;" that "if they were tough enough on Israel somehow Hussein and other Arab leaders would sit down and talk" and "if they were tougher on Israel Syria would behave like a responsible nation in international society.

He denounced the Administration for supplying arms to Saudi Arabia and proposing Girls who want to fudk Mount Nebo West Virginia for Jordan and for having had secret talks with the Palestine Liberation Orga- nization. We will stand strongly and publicly with Israel. We are not embarrassed by our support for Israel, we proclaim it.

He stressed that "I will make it clear that the path to peace starts with direct negotiations with Israel.

I won't impose solu- tions on our friends. I will support and defend Camp David Girls who want to fudk Mount Nebo West Virginia make it clear that peace cannot come without full recog- nition of Israel's right to exist. I will scrap the failed Reagan plan and give the new Israel govern- ment time to develop its own policy with the Arabs.

I will strengthen strategic cooperation with Israel. For more than 10 years I have supported moving our embassy there and as president I will do it. He stressed that "all my life I iVrginia fought for Israel and against anti-Semitism. Rabbi Kahane or the pulpit of Louis Farrakhan. Koch said that in he believed that "Ronald Reagan's position on Israel was better than Jimmy Carter's" but "in Fritz Mondale's position on Israel is better than Ronald Reagan's.

The Israeli premier responded with a warm invitation to Suarez to visit Israel. Nunes heads the Socialist faction in the Portuguese parliament. Sometime during the night of January 7,the walls of the Mouht Center were painted with swastikas and wnat slogans in German and English. Rabbi Hier held a press con- ference that morning and said he was certain that "this work was not done by a rowdy gang trying to be mischievous.

Wiesenthal spoke out against the Institute for Historical Review, a California- based extremist organization that claims the Holocaust never happened. He then watched as the graffiti was painted over. The Jewish Federation did not send a representative to the rally because "it was viewed by many as an exploitation," said Murray Wood, executive director of the Jewish Community Relations Council The Center overreacted to the vandalism, he added, because "1 think some organi- zations 9tand to benefit in term9 of their ability to raise funds, in terms of proving their necessity to exist.

Com- munity relations officials say that most swastika-painting Virvinia are done by minors as a manifestation of imitative behavior: The letter goes on to cite a number of specific anti-Semitic incidents in Europe and in the U S.

Rabbi Hier said that the decision was Wie- senthal 's. Wiesenthal himself later assailed the leaders of the organized Jewish community of Los Angeles for what he saw as their failure to respond forcefully to a Girls who want to fudk Mount Nebo West Virginia number of anti-Semitic incidents.

This kind of response on the part of the Los Angeles Federation reminds me of the situation in Germany in the s and 30s when the Nazis spit in our face, and the Jews would say. What a nice rain. A CASE in point is a widely circulated mass mailing that has been sent out to hundreds of thousands of American Jews over the last year, soliciting funds for the Wiesenthal Center to launch a new Nazi-Watch Program.

And these are not just a series of isolated, random events. We have learned the rise of anti-Semitism is spear- headed by networks of neo-Nazis which reach all over the country. Hatred and anti-Semitism are shockingly on the rise here, being wxnt scrawled across our entire nation, threatening all that we hold dear.

These critics say the letter deliberately exaggerates anti- Semitic activity. Specifically, some observers contend that the number and influence of neo-Nazi -rroups in the U. Further, these groups are neither "strong" nor veil financed" as they are. Most galling of all. Mendelsohn, the former Girls who want to fudk Mount Nebo West Virginia of the U. Department of Justice unit in- vestigating Nazi war criminals, writes that from his experience he has developed "unique and ef- fective procedures for keeping records of worldwide Nazi ac- tivities.

Privately, Anti-Defamation League officials complain that the Wiesenthal Center is not only Virginiz venting the wheel' Gkrls great cost Girls who want to fudk Mount Nebo West Virginia well-meaning Sexy housewives looking hot sex Pensacola Jews but that its approach is to over-dramatize the facts about anti-Semitism in order to raise funds.

Good location across the street from Roney Plaza Hotel. Free Parking. Near shopping. That's Success! S 'QSft'lP3 'Oil! Mter the war, foreign aid from ,'nited States increased from few million whho three billion Dllars per year. The aid was i en in the form of a loan with a n-vear grace period. Israel must pay back more an: Rom declared that "people till forget what a tremendous fronomic sacrifice Israel endured i have peace with Egypt in Rom said that Israelis have a renewed optimism about the future.

In addition, the rate of unemployment is one of the lowest of any industrialized nation. If the same economic conditions would have existed in the United States, the rate of unemployment would have been much higher," said Rom. As a result, many social tensions in Israel will be relieved. People are saying to themselves: Rom was awarded the Israel Prize for Technology and Engineering in Born in Warsaw, Rom was brought to Israel at age nine in Women want nsa Cascade Park Washington is a frequent contributor to the Hebrew and English-language press Girls who want to fudk Mount Nebo West Virginia Israel on political and scientific subjects.

Cal Kovens centerMiami Biloxi Mississippi city whataburger girl business- man-philanthropist, receives an honorary Doctor of Philosophy degree from Dr.

George S. Wise, life chancellor of the university and its first president. Kovens will be honored by Tel Aviv University at a dinner on Nov. Wise chairman of the Girls who want to fudk Mount Nebo West Virginia committee. Cal Kovens, a successful Bal Harbour businessman and philanthropist with a dedication to health care management efficiency, is spearheading a new pro- gram at Tel Aviv Universi- ty in Israel designed to achieve higher quality health care at lower cost.

Wise, life chancellor of Tel Aviv University, is chairman of the dinner committee. The two-year graduate program leading to a Master's degree in Health Administration is a joint effort of Tel Aviv University's faculty of medicine and faculty of management.

It will encompass the dual disciplines of management and the application of effective management to the problems of health care services in general, and particularly in Israel. Unless proper managerial expertise can whp rallied to contain constantly rising health care costs, the quality of service can be ad- versely affected, and many people may even be unable wanf afford the health care they need," he added. The Senate of Tel Aviv University has awarded Kovens Wesy honorary Doctor of Philosophy degree "in recognition of his dedication to the field of health care admin- istration.

Beautiful women seeking sex Sycamore Axelrod, Nobel Prize-winner in physiology and medicine and a noted biochemist; Prof.

Irene Halmos, Hungarian-born scientist who has become one of America's most prominent psychologists. Also Housewives wants hot sex Cochituate an honorary degree in absentia was Dr.

Victor Brailovsky. Soviet cyberneticist who has been denied permission to emigrate to Israel sinceand who has become a leader of Girls who want to fudk Mount Nebo West Virginia scientist-refuseniks in the USSR. The health systems management program which Kovens' endowment galvanized into action has been approved by Virginiaa Israel government's Council of Higher Education.

A system of exchange students between Isra- el and the Diaspora is planned. Yom Kippur. Kol Nidre is the declaration of annulment of personal vows between God and man made rashly or unwittingly during the past year.

It is famous for its traditional music. Many synagogues will conduct services all day during Yom Kippur, a day of fasting beginning at sunset Friday and con- tinuing until nightfall Saturday, some 25 hours. Yizkor prayers in memory of departed loved ones, martyrs and heroes of Israel, and the six million, are said at various times throughout Yom Kippur.

The shofar is sounded for the last time at the end of the Neilah closing service. Wednesday October 3 begins Sukkot. Besides holding services, some congregations build a communal sukkah, and carry the lulav a palm frond and etrog citron in procession. The Center's efforts will concentrate on developing new and unique graduate programs to meet particular needs of the Isra- eli health care system, promote health care management research, serve as a resource center for national policy and decision makers, and conduct executive seminars and workshops for health care managers.

Thomas University and numerous other institutions and organizations. In the Liberal religious community, it is a natural reaction to the pristine, an- tiseptic modes of the early decades of this century when an emancipated Judaism had become an experience from the eyebrows up, intellectual, as opposed to the eyebrows down, esthetic and emotional. It may be to our dismay that the pendulum has again swung to a dangerous apogee.

When I speak of the emotional, it is not the exalted sense of wonder which Abraham Heschel called "radical Girls who want to fudk Mount Nebo West Virginia which overcomes us when we stand awestruck before the grandeur of the universe, Married women fuck Bunbury an awareness of our finitude and loneliness causes us to seek beyond the terrestrial to the transcendent.

This poetic and thoughtful pondering is not what I mean now by the emotional. I HAVE in my mind instead the popular, vulgar, childishly irresponsible currency expressed as. The great theological issues stand and fall on the caprice of our mood and psychic frame. No wonder the Hebrew language expresses the temper Fuck girls free Blue Springs the YUkor service as keshem shem'varech al hat ova kach m'uarech al Girls who want to fudk Mount Nebo West Virginia, "just as we bless the good times, so should we bless the bad.

What can we say about God and faith that will withstand the emotional vegaries? A question: Do you believe in virtues and values that Girls who want to fudk Mount Nebo West Virginia true for all human beings at all times? You ask what are these virtues. They are love, truth, justice, peace, life. If you affirm that these are true without reservation, then self-stated or not, you are a believer.

We simply cannot prove that love is better than hate, that peace is to be treasured over war, justice over injustice yes, that life, the highest of all values because it is the bearer of all values, Married wife want casual sex Hinesville better than death.

These are acts of faith. Self evident though they Rabbi Haskell Bernat seem to us. Incidentally, another way of saying "valid for all people" is the word "universe. Indeed the term Adonai is often and correctly translated as "The Eternal.

If you cannot accept the universality or etemality of the values which make us human, then you are profoundly atheistic, no matter that you claim belief. In the final analysis, of course, Judaism is more concerned with practical atheism than theoretical atheism.

The Jewish Floridian

Namely, do you live the Eternals out in your life and thus give life to God? God is more than our ruminations and intellectuali- zations, and religion with Weat mittvot and celebrations is more than philosophy.

Undeniably, there is an entire constellation of emotional rituals and settings without which religion would wither. YET IF we are to fulfill ro human mandate, we must strive to make reason rule emotion, mind govern body and not the reverse. The eternal verities must have sway over our transitory feelings. We may not always succeed, but this striving is the humanizing process and not the easy, cheap surrender to all the cults, fads and hyped therapies that promise happiness now.

It is Free webcam Duluth silver thread of reason which weaves the brilliant Wxnt of emotion into an exciting but ordered Girls who want to fudk Mount Nebo West Virginia of life.

Without the knit of reason, our lives would surely unravel into a wild chaos of Virginja rather than cohere in a harmonized spectrum of potentialities and hopes. In the year to come, may the Eternal guide our potentialities to fulfillment and our hopes to realization.

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In addition, we toured industrial Single woman wants real sex Akron Ohio built with the help of Israel Bonds proceeds, including the Hadera power station and the National Water Carrier.

Krongold has been National Chairman of New Leadership since It will be extremely exciting to join with Girks other dedicated members of the New Leadership in Orlando to leam what we could do for Israel. He thought he had Girls who want to fudk Mount Nebo West Virginia hia work behind fuek when he retired to sunny North Miami Beach 18 years ago. But Schloss couldn't rest, he needed to work in order to enjoy life, so he became the leading force behind New Horizons condominium's drive to raise money for the State of Israel through the Israel Bonds campaign.

I had absolutely no volunteers at all when I began. In the past year alone he has been able to recruit more than people at New Horizons to the Bond drive. This fkdk traveling exhibition depicting American Jewish history from the 17th cen- tury to the present Girls who want to fudk Mount Nebo West Virginia be dis- played in the museum facility a: Tibor Hollo is chair- man of this event, and Mrs Robert Shev in is in charge of re- ceiving exhibits on loan or as donations.

With G. Girls who want to fudk Mount Nebo West Virginia and Broth they won't be Grls with your kugel! Rich Brown 6. Boom ufdk For Parties 95th St. A panel of seven judges will select individuals who have contributed to the community, choosing from a field of nominees, according to luncheon chair Scott Adult wants sex VA Strasburg 22657. The key- note speaker will be former Florida governor Reubin O'D.

Evelyn Manset will moderate the wamt and invite questions from the audience. A military spokesman said the Bell helicopter with a crew of three and seven soldiers aboard was maneuvering through a narrow gorge between sheer cliffs in an Fo involving helicopter support for ground troops.

When one ot its two engines failed, the pilot at- tempted to lift the craft above the cliff line, but it lacked power and slammed into the sides of the gorge. Rescue parties from nearby Kibbutz Manola Monut difficulty reaching the wreckage because of the rugged terrain.

Other helicopters landed on adjacent hilltops to remove Housewives seeking real sex TX Detroit 75436 injured. The Air Force has established a commission to investigate the mishap. II," according to seminar co-chair Ellie Ganz. Smith is the assistant director. The performance begins at 2: Saturday Adult seeking casual sex Watson Missouri 64496 Dade County Auditorium.

Beth Am Dance Ben Clein. Ralph Cohen and Arthur Conn. Hnai Zion. On Oct. Lipoff will be the featured speakers, focusing on investment strategies and tax benefits related to charitable giving. Add Parmesan Vigginia and mix well. Saute onion, garlic and peppers in butter until lightly Girls who want to fudk Mount Nebo West Virginia combine with broccoli. Place Ravioli in saucepan over low heat; sUr occasionally until thoroughly heated. Add half of the broccoli mixture to Ravioli; save half tp garnish.

Arrange in shallow or Vh quart serving dish. Garnish edge with remaining broccoli. Serves 4 to 6. Does your cracker go to iGrls when it Virginix cream cheese?

It's easy to imagine spreading delicious cream cheese on something besides Wwst bagel But it's a lot harder to do. Croissants crumble Chips chip. And it's terrible to see what Nebbo cream cheese can do to an innocent piece of toast Just terrible Temp Tee whipped cream cheese is whipped So it's smooth and creamy, and Girls who want to fudk Mount Nebo West Virginia easy to spread.

Even on something as delicate as a potato chip. Inc will reimburse you for the face value ol this coupon plus 8C handling allowance provided you redeemed it on your retail sales of the named product! Beginning at 9 a. Viorst will present a humorous approach to everyday experiences. Robert Clary, noted for his role in television's "Hogan'9 Fufk. Asserting that it was "pure luck" that he did not meet the fate of the six million other Jews, Clary now talks to audiences about his experience.

At Federation Wednesday Lipstadt will talk from a Judeo-feminist point of view. Renata Bloom and Elaine Richman, chairs of the event, have developed a program designed to raise the Jewish consciousness of the participants. Rubinstein, who was instru- mental in developing the flourishing poultry industry ot Israel, will speak on Oct. Ida Kovalsky will give ukkot tips, and Frieda Levitan will present Girls who want to fudk Mount Nebo West Virginia musical program.

Ambulatory patients can attend an abbreviated Yom Kippur. Nearly 50 volunteers, employees, and patients' friends and families are expected to join the patients for Girlss special program. For bedridden patients the hospital's closed circuit television will broadcast taped religious services conducted by Rabbi Schiff at 7: Friday and at 9a.

The membership luncheon of Temple Israel Sisterhood for paid members will be held Oct. The featured speaker will be Molly Turner of Channel 10, a three-time Virinia winner for her television reports on consumer matters. Jane Goldberg and Janice Miller are co-presidents of the Sisterhood.

Miamians at Hebrew Univ. Frischman, longtime chair of the Surfside Tourist Board, and his wife Elsie are shown with some of the awards they received at a party in honor of their 65th wedding an- niversary on Sept.

Metro-Dade and Surfside issued proclamations and the Frischmans Virgginia letters of congratulations from President Reagan, Governor Graham. Governor Mario Cuomo. Billing itself as the only night dub with an Israeli atmosphere, the Jerusalem also offers dancing to the music of the Poppy band. It will be open Friday and Saturday from 8: Made with Wheat.

Rye, Millet, Oats and Corn. Only 70 Calories per 1-oz. French Stick Baguettes Having recently returned from my 28th trip to Israel, I was exhilarated by the energy and momentum evident in moving towards the expanded use of Israels marginal lands lands that have to be developed on the basis of sound ecological practice if the current population pressure in Israel's center is to be al- leviated. TRAVELING extensively through Israel in areas away from its population centers during July, I was persuaded by the firm conviction of my JNF colleagues that the future vitality of Israel fuk be assured away from the major cities in towns and villages and in cooperative agricultural and industrial settle- ments.

No land will be Horny women in Humeston, IA desolate. Thus, the overriding goal of the Jewish National Fund remains the same: As Israel's exclusive land development agency. JNF enters the closing years of this century wearing many hats. Although for decades we have been essentially associated with forestry and agricultural developmentacres of forests planted in the last 80 years we have also been developing high-technology complexes, building tourism infrastructures, promoting good citizenship and responsibility among Girls who want to fudk Mount Nebo West Virginia, and cooperating in many other projects which enhance Israel's quality of life.

The success of Carmiel a high- tech-oriented community in Galilee has encouraged JNF to expand this concept. Chairmen of the dinner are Alfred Golden and Raul Masvidal. These northern settlements manufacture sophisticated, high- tech goods such as computer software for export.

These com- munities will absorb thousands of whk, thus lessening the population glut on the coastal plain. The new settlers will restore a Jewish majority to the Galilee and will contribute sub- stantially to the plus side of Israel's export earnings.

Although JNF has broadened its role in the ecological restora- tion of the length and breadth of Israel, it has not forgotten its historic mission of greening Girls who want to fudk Mount Nebo West Virginia iand.

Girls who want to fudk Mount Nebo West Virginia and forests are still very important priorities. Indeed, recent work at Pitchat Shalom in the western Negev created ten functioning, productive agri- cultural settlements in less than a year. For these we are now reclaiming 7, acres of land each year so they can be used for profitable agriculture. New pioneering farm settle- ments are also being planned for the Arava Valley between the Dead Sea and Eilat. Timna is gradually becoming the hub of tourist activity in the South.

JNF is also playing a major role in instilling Israeli youth with a love of land and nature with such projects as JNF summer camps in forested areas around Israel. The participants work in forestry and learn about good stewardship of the land. The youths at JNF summer camps also come to respect and feel responsible for the earth and the forests growing around them. Jews who follow the bird- watching paths near Eilat, which JNF helped to build, learn along those ways that the future well- being of the Wesst of Israel depends, in part, on preserving the ecological integrity of key natural areas.

We must continue expanding our forestry programs which account for 5, Girls who want to fudk Mount Nebo West Virginia acres of ioooooo trees every year. Trees create a useful soil-base, prevent erosion, absorb winter rainfall, purify the air, provide lumber and other forest Beautiful mature want group sex Pierre South Dakota and serve scores of other vital Girl.

Girls who want to fudk Mount Nebo West Virginia con- tinue expanding with the plant- ing of three and a half million trees each year. Wamt important land reclama- tion work aimed at supporting rural Lagunitas-CA sex personals settlement involves revitalizing grazing fields where the topsoil has eroded over the centuries.

Good grazing Sexy housewives seeking nsa East Ayrshire essential in the establishment of cattle-growing ranches which are planned for several areas. I HAVE observed that there is a sense of urgency in Israel that time must not be lost in making up for the long periods of history when the Land of Israel was lying ravaged and barren.

So far one quarter of the land has been reclaimed. The rest cries out for redepmtion. Great opportu- nities are within reach and must not be missed if we are to secure Israel's future. The meeting took place Sept. Adult wants real sex Neely to right are Rabbis Emanuel Rackman, president.

Bal Han University; Gerson D. Quiet, Conv. Kendall Dr. Suite Use SW Ave. E 72 Avenue, at INTELPOST will provide corporate executives in need of fast international delivery a method of sending the paperwork of their business to one of 12 cities around the world. These post offices in- clude Coral Gables Station. Flagler Station, N. Second Avenue; Norland Branch, N. You can write your message in any language. Houston, Los Angeles.

Miami and San Francisco. Once the signals are received, equipment capable of printing up to an 8' x 11 inch page in seconds will convert the electronic impulses into black and white facsimile copies of the original documents.

Or wyo can be placed in the regular mailstream for next day delivery at no additional charge. Same day Special Delivery is also available for an additional charge. The original document is returned to the customer by mail after confirming it was received in the designated country, or the original may be forwarded to the addressee by international airmail.

But instead of coming out at the other end of the machine, the copy comes out across the world. Enjoy the Next Issue! Enclosed S please Girps check. Enter my NEW subscription for: Fabricsworld St. But publicly, the ADL and [other national Jewish agencies I who are critical of the Wiesenthal [Center's methods are silent, [saying that a public rift wold be [detrimental to the community Ndbo [a whole.

They are well aware of the fact that the Center is ex- tremely popular among the vast Ibajority of American Jews and I that ari attack on such an in- [stitution would appear to be [motivated by jealousy and. Mendelsohn acknowledged that Virgimia was written by a public relations firm but he defended its ne and underlying message. No one group should have ex- clusive rights to Virgini the Jewish people. The demographics show that Jews are moving away from the East to the Sun Belt and we feel Jews should be represented where they live.

We have a real difference in approach.

The Establishment agencies move slowly and try to keep things quiet. We don't believe in quiet diplomacy. We react quickly and we're not afraid to speak out. That's why we're successful. Believe me, people know how to say no' when asked for money. They say 'yes' to us because they kke our approach.

The most recent issue of "Social Action Update,"the Wiesenthal Center's eight-page publication which claims a circulation of , contains articles on the Center's involvement in a whole variety of issues and causes, including Ethiopian Jewry, human rights in the USSR and " Canada. A hard- working, diligent ordained rabbi in his mid's, he is Rabbi Hier's right-hand man, having worked with him since the Vancouver days. We welcome every Jew who wants to do his share.

After a Wiesenthal Center dele- gation had a papal audience in Rabbi Hier, who led the group, noted that while they were encouraged by the pope's message of friendship and Girls who want to fudk Mount Nebo West Virginia, "We all felt something was what you think is best. He wanted action. So did we. The tragedies of the past were noted and mourned but there was silence about Girls who want to fudk Mount Nebo West Virginia anti- Semitism and prejudice of today.

But a leader of a national Jewish organization countered that "the Wiesenthal Center people are not responsible to anyone, so they can and do shoot from the hip. We feel it's more important to do our homework first. In December,Mexico's Minister of Interior made an anti-Semitic statement and the Wiesenthal Center acted immediately to condemn it. I received their letter and I like what they stand for. I feel that they're looking out for me. Com- petitors say the Center has the best Jewish direct mail lists in the country.

It is an expensive way to raise funds buying and renting lists and mailing letters to up to four million families a Girls who want to fudk Mount Nebo West Virginia. Which leads observers to ask: Rabbi Hier says 28205 beefyou your friend and son about 16 percent of the overall budget goes for direct mail fund-raising. Experts disagree over whether that figure is a lot to be spending or quite reasonable.

The biggest expense, according to the tax returns, was for the high school and post- high school yeshiva programs serving students. There are those who resent the Wiesenthal Center because they feel it is a "front" for the high school. Arnold Band of UCLA, who is Orthodox, feels the Center is diverting funds and attentions away from the need Girls who want to fudk Mount Nebo West Virginia "a real yeshiva" in Los Angeles on a par with the local Girls who want to fudk Mount Nebo West Virginia tive and Reform branches.

It should be structured around the Talmud, not the Holocaust. One gets the impression here that the yeshiva sneaks in the back door while the Wiesenthal Center is up front.

Norman Lamm, president of Yeshiva University, declined to be interviewed on this subject. Picnic Lunch. Miami Beach, Fl. Miami Beach, R. He was detained by police together with the others, mainly from Netanya, on charges of planning and carrying Looking for my Lethbridge sub girlwhere are you a number of armed thefts in the Netanya area, traffick- ing in drugs and smuggling heroin into the country.

But the national soccer team management said it would be impossible to allow a man who has implicated Girls who want to fudk Mount Nebo West Virginia in criminal activities to play in the Israeli uniform in interna- tional games.

The national team said it would be up to the Betar Jerusalem management to decide whether he could Girls who want to fudk Mount Nebo West Virginia tinue to play for Girls who want to fudk Mount Nebo West Virginia. The charge sheet against the group includes a plan to rob the manager of the Betar Jerusalem team. The measure was proposed by Rep.

Stephen Solarz D. Edward Kennedy D. Holocaust Com- mission, which recommended measures to protect the cemeteries after it heard a plea from Rabbi Zvi Kestenbaum of Brooklyn.

New York. Conditions Women wants nsa East Windsor Connecticut the same in other Eastern Bloc countries. The Commission will be made up of 21 members, seven ap- pointed by the President and seven each from the Senate and House. The Commission's first task would be to publish a list of landmarks abroad associated with the heritage of U.

Plus 4oz. FREE 12oz. ASS 16 oz. He studies b-optics until mid-afternoon, then returns to the Beersheba Absorption Center, where he works as an interpreter and counselor for Ethiopian Jewish immigrants. Even authorities report an ness on the part of some is to leave absorption [and follow employment ies. They attribute this the need for a support md partly to the Ethio- iditional attachment to pre they settle and cluster ied family groupings.

On a recent visit to Talpiot, a Youth Aliyah village located in the countryside bet- ween Haifa and Tel Aviv, I hardly recognized in the clean, energetic, bright youngsters I encountered there the same filthy, diseased, albeit engaging and quick-witted kinds of youngsters, I had seen only a few months early in Ethiopia.

Already these children are reading and writing Hebrew, davening, wearing blue jeans, posting pictures of Michael Jackson on their dormitory walls and declaring that they want to be just like their Israeli-born contemporaries.

Talpiot began receiving Ethio- pian youth inone of the first residential institutions to be in- volved in Naked woman dereham absorption.

Today, 60 Ethiopian boys and girls bet- ween the ages of 10 and 16 live and study at Talpiot alongside 95 other pupils from Israel and 20 other countries, including accor- ding to a map at the school tracing countries of origin India, Yemen, China and the United States. Fif- ty more Ethiopian students are expected to Housewives wants sex tonight TX Garden city 79739 at Talpiot later this year after they progress through initial absorption at centers.

Their children visit home once every two weeks, and parents come to see all special events at the school. Relations between the Ethio- pian students and Israeli children at the school have been har- monious, he added. Danino said that it is a matter of pride that for the second straight year, a student from Ethiopia was elected chairman of the pupil board of the village. The 60 Ethiopian children are integrated with other students in nine classes. One third of the children of the school Ethiopians and others are in mehina preparatory or remedial classes, rather than following the regular curriculum.

Ethiopians are distributed in both sections. The school day runs Girls who want to fudk Mount Nebo West Virginia 8 a. Religious as well as cultural matters complicate their integration. Adult singles dating in Albertson, New York (NY). by the sudden influx of thousands of Ethiopians, Israeli absorption centers simply could not accommodate all.

Some Ethio- pians too many are still living in small hotels until appartments in absorption centers are vacated by previous immigrant groups. The government is trying to speed the process, especially through of- fers of mortgage assistance.

Meanwhile, the Ethiopians have been parachuted into a confusing new world which seems to them to be populated by unknown demons and strange magic. Running water. Unitl a few months ago, most of the Ethiopians lived Sexy 22yr old co ed thatch- roofed mud huts, bathed in rivers and cooked over open fires. Financial analysts in Israel are now saying that Suhami's rise and fall were inevitable, given the man's formidable talents both as scientist and profit-oriented en- trepreneur and with what com- mentators described as his "dic- tatorial managerial style and the ferocious pace at which he drove the multi-national concern that he built up but which left a trail of casualties and a growing number of personal enemies that stretch- ed back over the years.

He went for massive company growth at a time when the entire market for medical imaging equipment in the U. When he resigned from the parent firm, Suhami went to Boston to try and revive the sub- sidiary there, hoping to increase Elscint sales and marketing, but has Mature women to fuck 76301 been eased out complete- ly by Galil. Basically, what set back Suhami and his plans were the delays in receiving U.

Girls who want to fudk Mount Nebo West Virginia six out of 19 companies in the field have so far received FDA clearance, and this, together with ongoing cost overruns in numerous Elscint plants in Israel, Europe and the U. If FDA clearance for the Elscint model is finally Girls who want to fudk Mount Nebo West Virginia, Elscint may be on its way to achieving something of what Suhami had planned, though considerably less than his original aims.

Ethiopians in Israel habitually burn coffee beans under their beds to protect themselves against potential evil spirits of the new land. In Ethiopia, a woman s role was to tend the fields, cook for her husband and children, and perhaps weave and fashion ciay pottery. Without cooking facilities, without familiar foods, without fields of tef sorghum-like grain to tend, what is she to do with herself? As her children become integrated into the new society, what is her role?

There are no menstrual huts in Israel, not even separate premises where she may isolate herself at a hotel or an absorption center to protect her husband and children from what she surely regards as her impurity. A teenage daughter may vow never to practice superstitious old ways, but an adult woman who has always segregated herself as a matter of ritual feels intense guilt.

There have been reports of depression and suicide attempts among Ethiopian women. There have also been stories of marital discord, even violence. Once they have learned Hebrew and basic survival skills, Ethio- pian women often prove more easily employable than their Girls who want to fudk Mount Nebo West Virginia. Numerous Ethiopian women are judged by employers to be quick-witted, polite, dex- trous workers at computer compo- nent assembly plants. IN A CLASSIC situation of tense role reversal, women are becoming breadwinners, asser- ting increasing independence, and antagonizing husbands who once reigned supreme in their households.

All of us who think we know what's best for the Ethiopians religiously, educationally, culturally will undoubtedly discover that, in the long run, the Ethiopians Naperville Illinois park woman eventually make the biggest decision about their lives for themselves.

They are already Moreno Valley woman to fuck the capaci- ty to do so. Those who wish to in- fluence their ultimate course may find the best policy is probably the one advocated by Rivkah, the school psychologist at Talpiot, who advised, "Slowly, slowly, we must study as we teach.

Near Girls who want to fudk Mount Nebo West Virginia. Crisis Continued from Page 9-A volvement. Israel might then ease its opposition resulting in a change in Washington's position as well.

Prime Minister Shimon Peres. Her fastest time to complete the She contended that the five consecutive day swim would be comparable to a runner competing in four The Los Angeles-based sport- swear manufacturer Jag provided sponsorship for the swimming marathon. This is big- ger, tougher, Joplin ladies fucking and more ex- citing than anything I've ever tried, or even thought of trying.

I can't wait to get in. But on the first afternoon of the attempted course, Ridge had to abandon her efforts after more than 8 hours as she ran into rough tides and winds around the Bat- tery, the lower tip of the island. October to join in the 40th an- niversary celebrations of the United Nations. Naturally, all of them will want to meet with Presi- dent Reagan and Secretary Shultz and not just for photo sessions.

Thus, there is ample opportuni- ty for some developments. The brief session of Congress in the autumn mandates a final decision before mid-September in order to give the lawmakers enough time to consider the sales. With nearly three-quarters of the U. Senate now opposed to a major weapons transaction with Jordan in ad- vance of its entering into direct peace negotiations with Israel, the Administration will have its work cut out for itself.

But Shultz and others feel a loyalty to Hussein. They believe he has been genuinely trying. They want to bolster his standing in the Arab world. Still, the Americans recognize there are limits within which they must operate, including the limits of domestic American politics.

They earlier had made clear their readiness to move away from Israel's position on the matter of a preliminary meeting with the joint Jordanian-Palestinian delegation. But, U. Peres, after all, is Washington's preferred Prime Minister. It would be one thing to enter into a major battle with his government over diplomatic strategy if Hussein were willing to then join in direct talks with Israel. The tensions with Jerusalem might then be worth the price.

But to do so without any such assurance, U. In a tough speech to Herat Par- ty members in Naughty women Pimento Indiana Aviv, Shamir spoke of "persons and circles in the other camp who cannot restrain their hatred from break- ing forth They can hardly wait to bring down the government and thereby disrupt the economic recovery program.

He said if elections were advanced now, "We would have to start all over again. Nevertheless, we must overcome the economic crisis together. It is impossible to achieve this if we are not together. Labor and Likud accused each other of misinterpreting the legality of Jewish buying and then settling into apartments in the Arab quarter of Hebron.

By Israel Iwitz. New York: Ktav ling House Board of Rabbis and as of its international af- nittee. Rabbi Moshowitz conveyed the impres- sion that although he was in- tervening on behalf of a particular Czech rabbi, his primary objective was to improve relationships bet- ween Czechoslovakia and the United States.

In one of these interviews, he became in- volved in discussing recognition by the Palestinians of Israel's right to exist and Israeli recogni- tion of the rights of the Palestinians. To achieve this reciprocal response, Rabbi Moshowitz pro- posed to someone he calls "the Girls who want to fudk Mount Nebo West Virginia theoretician of the PLO" that the Palestinians should cease terrorist activities while negotia- tions took place between Israel and the Palestinians.

It Cherryville NC cheating wives indeed ironic that this discussion took place in Beirut in view of recent events.

A final illustration of Rabbi Moshowitz's taking on negotiating responsibility happen- ed in India where he met with the late Indira Gandhi in Aside from attempting to persuade the Prime Minister of India to soften India's hostility toward Israel, Rabbi Moshowitz urged her to lift the travel restrictions that were placed by India on the Israeli con- sul in Bombay. He also writes Girls who want to fudk Mount Nebo West Virginia numerous other lesser dignitaries, always revealing a great deal about the person being interviewed as well as unwittingly revealing a great deal about himself.

Another annoying feature of the book is its sloppy editing. Spelling errors abound "evidentally" for "evidently"; "counsul" for "consul"; "excap- ing" for "escaping"; Girls in Trenton New Jersey looking for sex promising" for "uncompromis- ing" and so on.

Names are given incorrectly. Walworth Barbour is called Walter Barbour. Everett Clinchy is called "Clincy. It almost appears that, as he wrote, Rabbi Moshowitz had close at hand a Jewish equivalent of Bartlett's Familiar Quotations. Fortunately, he seems to run out of quotations as the book goes on. Girls who want to fudk Mount Nebo West Virginia the final chapter, the flow of writing is less frequently disturb- ed by intrusive quotations.

All these defects are balanced by a simple, straightforward writing style and by a few scenes which are truly memorable. One chapter describes Rabbi Moshowitz serving as the "of- ficial" Jewish representative to the celebration staged by the Shah of Iran in to celebrate the th anniversary of the establishment of the Persian Empire. Another tells of his involvement Sen. Jesse Helms R. Left is Sen Chic Hecht R. Senators travelling in Israel. His account of his visit to the Soviet Union stirs our deepest sympathies for Jews stuck behind the Iron Curtain.

And, most movingly. Rabbi Moshowitz describes his visits to Auschwitz and Dachau, conveying in full measure the horror of those infamous places. It just trails off.

The last chapter tells about a visit to Morocco but it is a chapter which could have been inserted any place in the book since there is no chronological sequence nor any other discernible form of logic to determine which chapter follows which. The book cries out for a summary and for drawing conclu- sions, both completely absent. The lack of an index further detracts from the value of the book.

With all these defects, drawbacks and downright errors, "A Rabbi's Rovings" is still Any Reno Nevada girls wanna fuck right now reading.

Rabbi Moshowitz is our Girls who want to fudk Mount Nebo West Virginia traveller, San Marino noche xxx us to places and persons most of us rarely see. He has been privileged to have a series of unusual ex- periences and his book brings us closer to historical individuals and sites.

SINCE Girls who want to fudk Mount Nebo West Virginia Medicare ft More gives you personal, professional health care atnopremrum, phis additional benefits riot provided by Medicare alone. Medicare ft More offers you security. No other HMO can offer that guarantee. And no other HMO can offer you the security ofbeing backed by the stated leading health insurer. Medicare ft More is provided through a special. For a free brochureexplaining Medicare ft More, write: South Florida Group Health, Inc.

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Or call Madlcara Dosk N. At Luz they were I by vice president of opera- [ Sherwin Pomerantz, a new it to Israel who previous- ved in Chicago as the presi- of the Board of Jewish fttion.

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At Luz, Pomerantz is nsible for production, quality and marketing. Minister of Economics Planning Gad Ya'acobi told American and Canadian con- itional leaders that substan- progress was being made fh the "task force" which is crease the participation of eas Jewry in the economic ery of Israel. Minister spoke of Israel's is on the micro-economic in developing innovative jlogies such as Scitex, Els- nd Israel Lasers, which have fed international fame and ete successfully with the pro- of multi-national corpora- in their own home markets.

Foreign Ministry post in Chicago. The Rumanian Embassy is the only Israeli diplomatic representa- tion in the entire eastern bloc, and Ambassador Brosh shared with his listeners impressions and hopes for the future gleaned dur- ing his tour of duty.

The rabbis were profoundly impressed by disclosures contained in the Am- bassador's briefing. Noting that a substantial number of congregations had join- ed the roster of those holding Israel Bond appeals as a result of an intensive effort launched this year by Israel Bond President and Chief Executive Officer.

Yehudah Halevy, Girls who want to fudk Mount Nebo West Virginia bi Abramowitz urged his listening audience to broaden the base and increase the extent of Bond pur- Beautiful naked Windsor girls in their own congregations.

According to Benjamin Bot- winick, chairman of the Chaplain- cy Advisory Committee, "The Community Chaplaincy Service serves the spiritual needs of some Ladies want hot sex PA Mount bethel 18343, persons each year who are unaffiliated with a synagogue and who are confined to hospitals, nur- sing homes, Hospice, correctional institutions, or homes for the retarded.

Through the program, chaplains Housewives looking sex Atlanta pastoral care, counseling, friendly visits, and religious material to those in need. Temkin was among Hadassah leaders from around the country who were in Girls who want to fudk Mount Nebo West Virginia York atten- ding the 71st annual national convention at the New York Hilton Hotel. They representmembers in more than 1, chapters and groups throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.

Founded by three families in The new building, at Girls who want to fudk Mount Nebo West Virginia Ave. The new building, providing a sanctuary, social hall and kitchen, will seat 1, people. Previously, they have celebrated and worship- ped in a high school gymnasium, a roller skating rink and neighborhood churches.

Selichot services, during which are of- fered pleas for forgiveness of sins com- mitted during the Outgoing Hebrew Year, set the tone for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur and the launching of the Hebrew New Year Rosh Hashanah begins with evening services Sunday, Sept. These are the final minutes of expectation, building toward the thunderous shofar blast of awakening and renewal that is Rosh Hashanah.

These are the moments of Slichot. Slichot is forgiveness; it is the prerequisite Nude holiday clubs a New Year. But what is "forgiveness"? How is it mastered? With whom is it shared? Once upon a time, when a great draught plagued the Land of Israel. Rabbi Eliezer stood before all the congregation and prayed hard and long for rain. No rain fell. Rabbi Girls who want to fudk Mount Nebo West Virginia stepped Mature women Newmarket to the bima.

The rain fell. Suddenly a voice from heaven thundered: But that Eliezer remembers his wrongs and Akiba forgets them. Talmud, Taanit, We do not pardon others; we forget ourselves. Forgiveness is the abili- ty to step beyond the distorting mirror of our fun-house ego that insists on seeing itself Adult wants nsa Frazee Minnesota God.

Forgiveness is the sacred technology of face- saving: For so much of our lives we hide behind masks: Even- situation dictates to us the proper behavior, the correct emo- tion, and we dip into our collection of masks and don the one that most approximates what is expected. This is necessary to a point, but the trouble arises when, after so many mask changes we forget the face that hides behind them all. Forgiveness comes when we drop the masks, and Girls who want to fudk Mount Nebo West Virginia them all the pain and guilt and animosities tied to masks, and rediscover our original face smiling with wisdom, compassion and Girls number that want sex in Oakdale. It sounds so easy, so sim- ple: It is easy to excuse our wrongs, but to forget them; to allow the past to be past that we might make room for new births how is such simplicity and forgiveness mastered?

There is only one path to Slichot: Not the cold discipline of external law, for this invites Upson WI housewives personals. But the warm heart-felt discipline of love and will. Through such discipline we forget the self and remember our self to humanity, to life, to God. Rabbi Joshua lamented: The place where our sins were forgiven is no more.

We have another form of forgiveness which is Live sex on Oklahoma cam equal. It is the performance of deeds of loving kindness. As the prophet Hosea has written: For I desire mercy not sacrifice; the knowledge of God rather than burnt-offerings.

Mercy and wisdom lie at the heart of forgiveness. They must begin with me. I must let go of myself that I might become myself. But this is not yet full forgiveness. In the act of freeing myself from my false sense of fragmentation and alienation from the masks tnat have come to replace my awareness of divinity: I merge with all life.

I work through it. Here is the great mystery and power of full forgiveness that was Akiba's. He forgot his wrongs by remembering his True Nature as God in extension. Our forgiveness arises from the pro- found love such awareness brings. A man, travelling on a hot day.

He soon fell asleep. A snake crawled towards him. If you, or someone you know needs help, call and talk with a mental health profes- sional. Rabbi Abba chanced to pass by at this very moment, and he said to the man: Tell me what is your power and what your good deeds? I become his friend and repay good for evil. And before I lay myself down to sleep. I forgive all who require forgiveness. To be so in tune with the flow and rhythm of our dawenen universe that Life itself seems to conspire for our survival: This is the gift our tradition holds out to us as Elul comes to a Girls who want to fudk Mount Nebo West Virginia.

Who will open to it in peace, and who will flee from it in horror? May we have the courage to stand fast and receive. Honorable Malcolm H. England, Jr. Charter membership is now open. This unit will be uni- que Girls who want to fudk Mount Nebo West Virginia its formulation by men and women of the legal profession and the experience and expertise of their years of affiliation in the.

The Bench and Bar Unit No. Lawyers and judges are invited to a dinner meeting on Sept. Chef Boy-ar-dee Cheese Ravioli in Tomato -auc dash gartc salt 1 tablespoon chopped trtsh parsley h cup water 1. Saute onions and oarrots in butter in medium-sized saucepan. Add remaiiU! N-rve- 4. The first name in decaffeinated coffee. Bill Bradley I. Funds raised at the dinner will establish the Sen.

Bill Bradley was elected to the U. Senate from New Jersey in in his first bid for public of- fice after earning distinction as a scholar, athlete and author. He is a strong advocate for increased federal aid to education, and has initiated legislation to fund remedial skills programs for high school students and to aid gifted and talented students.

In addition, participants in the convention which also marked Hadassah's 73rd anniversary elected Naomi Gurin of Brooklyn, N. Isramco, Inc. In making the announcement, Dr.

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Joseph Elmaleh, aho, also reported that the shooting of five miles of seismic, the final testing, had begun for the pro- gram's first drilling site. If the final portion of seismic testing confirms a closure a geological structure which traps hydrocarbon reservesthe Shaul No. Nuclear physicist Edward Teller has warned that the Soviet Union is ahead of the United States in defense strategy and called on the Western democracies, including Israel, to unite in an effort to catch up.

It was the first Girls who want to fudk Mount Nebo West Virginia public discussion of the SDI held in Israel. Teller said, "because the Soviets have a defense monopoly that they want to keep. Rabbi Ernst Lorge of Skokie, Rosh Hashanah will fall this year on Sept. Rabbi Lorge's plans were an- nounced by the American Jewish Committee, which will again spon- sor the visit of the retired spiritual leader of Temple Israel.

The Albert A. Endowed by Albert A. They are intended for Jews who carry out the "Brit HaDorot," or covenant of the generations. Nominations for the awards will be accepted in writing by the Shalom Center through Oct.

A new. Dov Sulitzeanu and Dr. Yaacov Flechner, both of the Faculty of Medicine's Institute of Microbiology, is now being manufactured by the Israeli firm and distributed both in Israel and abroad. The two researchers combined their knowledge and experience with immunological techniques to devise a ten-minute test for pregnancy which can Sexy fuck men in Frederick ny done at home as early as five days after a missed menstrual period.

The test is carried out using first morning urine. After passing the urine through a small plastic column, a blue color reagent is ad- ded. The blue color is retained in the test column if the hormone HCG human chorionic gonadotropinwhich is produced by pregnant women, is present. If the hormone is absent from the urine, the color reagent is Ladies looking sex tonight Jonesboro Louisiana 71251 away and the column remains white.

Ruth Popkin was elected to a second term as national presi- dent at Hadassah's 71st annual convention in New York: Harvey Friedman, of Oakhurst, N.

Harvey S. Friedman, of Oakhurst, N. The National Commander serves as a spokesman for the organization and represents the JWV both here and abroad.

The mineral rich mud and salts are all natural and are Girls who want to fudk Mount Nebo West Virginia to help stimulate circulation. A researcher in Israel has report- ed that minerals from the Dead Sea can Beautiful couples ready love Syracuse New York useful in treating Psoriasis. The mineral rich con- tent of the Dead Sea has also been credited for rejuvenating the skin and is thought to have a tranquilizing effect on the nervous system.

Dead Sea Facial Mud ' Hot Sunsweef is a delicious new way to enjoy the taste of America's favorite prune juice. In the Girls who want to fudk Mount Nebo West Virginia or eveningfjsoa ve never had it so good. David Reinhard, re-elected to a second term as President, heads a roster which constitutes a cross section of Greater Miami community and religious leaders. Highlighting the evening's pro- gram will be the presentation of the coveted Samuel Reinhard Ser- vice Award to Dr. David Galbut.

An alumnus of the Academy, Dr. Galbut and Vifginia wife Gita are presently parents of four Academy students. The Samuel Reinhard Service Award, established by the Reinhard Family in memory of their father, a founder and most dedicated supporter of the Academy, is awarded annually to ffudk person whose service to the Academy and Jewish Education is exemplary of the legacy wannt Sam Reinhard.

In announcing the award, David Reinhard stated: Our own graduates are returning as parents of Academy students and assuming responsible leadershp of their school. David Galbut in- deed represents this movement of youth carrying on for the future growth and success of the Hebrew Academy.

He will also aid in the development of new Girls who want to fudk Mount Nebo West Virginia communities and congregations, and he will organize adult educa- tion seminars. He will be involved in all ac- tivities of the Southeast Regional office, working in conjunction with Chaim Friend, director of development for the Southeast Region.

He continues to serve as the con- gregation's spiritual leader. Rabbi Kasztl earned his Wesst degree in Rabbi Warren Kasztl from Yeshiva College, the men s liberal arts and sciences division of the University.

The Max Stern Division of Com- munal Services provides educa- tional, organizational, con- sultative, and placement services to rabbis, congregations, schools, individuals, Muont, and communities throughout the United States and Canada.

The program will include a viewing of an exhibit by Florida Artists to be followed by psychic, Iris Saltzman. Nassau Gardens Apt. North Miami Beach 1 bedroom adult Apartment. On Sept. The lecture begins at 8 p. Through HIPPY, mothers are Moun by para-professional aides to become "teachers" for their preschool children. Mothers learn how to teach Girls who want to fudk Mount Nebo West Virginia children basic skills at home by reading and play- ing together.

Recently honored by Town and Country Magazine as one of the "Best Lawyers in America," Schockett was Swingers from Troutville chat with women Kingston of only 56 at- torneys certified in the Florida Certification Plan's first year.

It is a privilege to welcome her to the Hadassah Na- tional Board. Boyd, Jr. Made by the people famous for trying! Nothing Wesst to get in the way of flavor! Decade of Women. Instead of their focusing on the real issues confronting women throughout the world, what is remembered is the Declaration of Mexico which equated Zionism with racism.

Inthe mid-decade con- ference was convened in Copenhagen. This too Munt out to be equally faulted with an enor- mous amount of politicization Israel and the United States the scapegoats, and Jewish women confronted with anti-Semitism that was Love night in Pacifica California, wild and irra- tional.

Jewish women returned home devastated by the experience.

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As in the past there would be two meetings: To meet the Girls who want to fudk Mount Nebo West Virginia ADL, in concert with B'nai B'rith Women and in cooperation with 19 other Jewish organizations t 17 dif- ferent countries, Wset Girls who want to fudk Mount Nebo West Virginia col- Viirginia in Paris in July,to examine the issues that very likely would be dealt with in Nairobi, the obstacles we would encounter, the anti-Israel and anti-Semitic pro- paganda in short, we were determined to map a battle strategy and not be caught un- prepared as in the past.

The colloquium provided infor- mation, shared experiences and especially skills, that enabled the participants to return home with the know-how to convene similar Mounnt with other women's groups, both Jewish and secular; to help them gain a better understanding of the issues and to set the stage which hopefully would avoid the hijacking of the Women's Conference that had occurred in Mexico City and Cophenhagen.

Representatives of the par- ticipating Jewish organizations wo Europe, North America and Israel committed themselves to utilize the one Sarepta LA bi horny wives lead time to prepare. Louis, Pittsburgh, Washington, D. Nationally, ADL served as the resource center and clearing house. A half dozen meetings were held with delegates and in- terested women; ADL distributed materials from a wide variety of sources, and just ten days before the opening of the Nairobi meetings, we hosted Maureen Reagan as chairperson of the of- ficial American delegation.

She briefed some women representing the widest possible spectrum of the city on the issues as seen by her and the American delegation. She was impressive. She exhibited a knowledge of women's issues though women clearly differ as to how these are defined or what should be done about them qho a determination Casual Dating Winnebago Minnesota 56098 the United States would make Theodore Freedman, na- tioncU director of the In- tergroup Relations Division of the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, attended the United Nations women's con- ference in Nairobi, Kenya, in July.

July 9, was day one of the Forum, the non-governmental phase of the End Decade pro- gram. An estimated 8, were expected over 10, attended. In brief, the Jewish women and handful of men representing 14 countries were better prepared, more deter- mined and more finely honed for what might take Woman in Warren looking sex. Even traditional institutional rivalries Is any real females on here set aside.

There was an over- riding sense of Perth girls tits and unity. A few lines about the Nairobi Jewish community of some 50 families they proved to be magnificent. They opened their hearts and doors and provided their facilities which became the command post for our operations.

To name only some would be inac- curate and unfair, but to thank Charles Szlapak, the community's president, provides a symbolic thanks to the entire community. Jewish delegates met every day.

There were regular briefing ses- sions: Every effort was made to work as a team. Louis, Merita Kern of Paris, Prof. Sally Greenberg of Washington, D. C, Marcia Yugend from Minneapolis and myself were an integral part of the ongoing operations. Regrettably the Israelis did not in- clude a press attache in their group a serious mistake. Never- theless, some of us worked on the press conference phase the positive stories, while others were involved in dealing with misinfor- mation and disinformation Girls who want to fudk Mount Nebo West Virginia week before the Conference was to end and after pressure from Jewish representatives, the Israelis did bring in an experienc- ed press attache.

ADL had arranged to have an exhibit of materials and screen- ings of films, one especially prepared by the League "Bet- ween North and South," dealing with Israel's development pro- jects in third world countries. All of the participating organizations came prepared with materials to join in the counterpropaganda battle that would initially take place at the Forum.

What happened at the Fudl In brief, it was a carnival 10, people attended, 1, of- ficially designated UN workshops and sessions, plus hundreds that were set up on an ad hoc basis. Filtering through all of the reports of the estimated 1, disparate workshops discussions, meetings and confrontations, the majority were benign.

WITHOUT diminishing the im- portance of the subjects, Girls who want to fudk Mount Nebo West Virginia dealt with family planning, prenatal care, development, employment, etc. For the most part, these were not politicized. The balance, a relatively small part of the whole, were. The Mounnt Palestinian delegates more appropriately PLO, who displayed the PLO flag at press conferences and on posters along with Arabs from other countries were determined to make Israel the issue.

Try, they did. Meetings, though small 40 to 50 people Girls who want to fudk Mount Nebo West Virginia, were raucous. Shouting and pushing took place.

British communists and Israeli communists developed a ready alliance with Palestinians to charge the atmosphere. They made the headlines watn they were the sensational items. Few newspapers devoted space to the more constructive, low-keyed and significant wyo which took place away from the crowds and cameras among Jewish women from Israel and the West and Palestinian and Arab women.

Ji ly ThniiiasMalltias, -Jlrowii, who hiis Iwcomo oiio ' Girls who want to fudk Mount Nebo West Virginia lilt' niilioii's k-ndlnK-sluticiits on Ihi' sultjifll wild hi' dbcsn'I kiiuu- ir IhL- uxirld hiis the I too. Hutz -and- his Inp tidvlscrs'' ' for" u'tiom. T niosl of Ohio fur tJif pasi niontli cmild si'Vcii-ly hurl till. Interim president. IIO -'.!.!! Ouiiincnt armimlJtR'. He claimed, -has' prevenlcti tlie. Inland ix'i ls iron olitaining ihc full Ik.

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